Welcome to SEEEI

Welcome to the site of SEEEI - The Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel 2002 (R.A).

The Society of Electrical and Electronic Engineers in Israel (SEEEI) is one of the leading professional organizations in our country. The activities of the Society members cover all aspects of the profession in aim to promote the professional level of the electrical and electronic engineers, represent the engineering interests in government and public utilities regulators, and also contribute to the industrial development and economic improvement of the country.

Our National Society cooperates with international professional organizations and conducts a wealth of activities associated with the profession, its tradition and its values.

The Society's main event is its annual convention - that sets a professional stage for presenting and discussing innovations, successful enterprises and practices, new developments, technical updates and creative solutions - and deals with a wide range of issues in the field of electrical engineering, energy, communications and control.

We expect a vibrant participation of our colleagues from Israel and abroad in the annual convention “Electricity 2017" of SEEEI during December 8-11 2017 in Eilat.

A trade show is held during the convention, where dozens of leading Israeli and foreign companies display advanced electrical equipment, hardware, software and innovative technologies.